Hello Busy Families!!!!

Ahhh! That’s better. An uninterrupted shower, a cup of tea and some chocolate. The simple pleasures! 🙂   Hi there and welcome to the first post of my new blog ‘Mum on the Run’. Let me introduce myself. My name is Paula and I live in sunny north Queensland. I have been married to my soul mate for 14 years and we have two beautiful kidlets. Our little Gabbylocks is 5 and Rogey Bear is 2.5. The rest of our immediate family live on the other side of the country, which can make things a little difficult.

Life at the moment is very hectic. My husband has his own business which keeps him busy and I have gone back to work part-time. Throw in spending time with the kids, keeping a house in order (trying) and going backwards and forwards to activities. Perhaps if we are lucky, we might get a few minutes to ourselves. Over time I have come across friends, ideas and information that helps me get through this organised chaos.

I am hoping that with this blog we can share more of these ideas and help each other navigate through the maze.

This is a brand new blog so everything is fresh and new. As I progress, I hope to add more to this exciting adventure. The chocolate was yummy and the tea relaxing. They are some of my simple pleasures What are yours?

Join me.



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