Today’s Special Guest Task/s

Yes we have the everyday, run of the mill tasks that we do. The everyday tasks that help us keep some order and feeling of cleanliness in our home.

Wait, was that a knock at the door. Whoever it is, is really desparate to come in.

Welcome to Today’s Special Guest Task/s. These special guests line up to enter but only one or two can stay at the same time. Today I have welcomed the following Special Guests:

  • Sorting out the remainder of the stored Christmas decorations
  • Sorting and then donating any of the kids clothes that no longer fit
  • If time allows I may decide to also welcome the sorting of some paperwork on our desk

I have very limited days at home so planning for these guests is essential.

Let me put the kettle on to begin welcoming my special guests. (forced smile)  Who will you welcome today?

My daughter Gabbylocks has just informed me that her room is spotless. Let me check it out.

Lots of smiles 🙂 🙂


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