A Night Out

Tonight I am heading out with my husband for his staff christmas party, kidlet free. With no family near by it was important for us to have a very reliable, trustworthy babysitter to leave our kidlets with. We are lucky to have one who happens to also be a swimming teacher at our local pool where the kidlets have lessons. On top of that she is studying child care at the school I work at.

Great babysitter – check

Getting ready to go out – Mmmmmmm

It is such a juggling act, especially when your husband gets home an hour before you have to leave. Getting ready has become an art form in our house. While the kidlets were having lunch – picnic lunch in front of ABC – I jumped in the shower, washed my hair and dried it. Check

While the kidlets are busy this afternoon I will cook their pasta – easy dinner on the run. Make up and hair gets done while they are in a bath. Multi-tasking at its best. 🙂

Usually when my husband gets home I get him to get ready first so I can take the rest of the time myself. Sneaky 🙂 When he is done it is his turn to watch the kids finish dinner while I get dressed. All done!!! Oh dear. My husband has rung to say we are leaving an hour earlier. My whole timeline now has to be adjusted. The main problem is I have to leave the computer sooner. Had a few more posts to add. Ah well.

Tonight we are heading to a gorgeous casual restaurant called Millars in beautiful Mission Beach. They have not asked me to promote them but it is such a gorgeous place I can’t help myself.

Beautiful Mission Beach

Have a great night Lots of Smiles Paula  🙂 🙂


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