(Christmas) Perfect Present Presentation

Every year I think about new ways to wrap presents to make them personal and perhaps a little chic. With little kidlets, chic is out the window. Gone are the days when I had a colour theme and all the gifts were wrapped with this theme in mind, right down to the gift tags. Another year or two and I might be able to squeeze that back in.There are so many options out there on how to wrap presents.

  • A great, cheap way is to use your children’s art work that you have stored throughout the year. You can even cut some of these up for your gift tags. Just punch a hole in the top and add some ribbon.
  • You could go with the colour theme – silver and purple, green and red etc. This always adds some sophistication to the look of the presents under the tree. Unless, you are having all the family to your house then this might only be seen by you.
  • There is the simple version which we are doing this year. I have heaps of christmas rolls from last year, very christmassy. I will be using up those with some cute tags I have downloaded, thanks to  The Organised Housewife These will be for home. For friends, to add some style I am going for a plain white or natural colour jazzed up with some funky ribbon and gift tags.
  • Finally there is the Eco Friendly way (many options) – one way is to wrap your presents in newspaper and then decorate with Christmas ribbon etc. Check out the following PDF from Planet Ark for creative ways to be ‘green’ when wrapping your presents.
Green Guide
Planet Ark's Green Guide

A couple more favourites in the Gift Wrapping Department.

Martha Stewart
The Happy Home
Essential Baby

Gift tags are next.

Happy wrapping.

Lots of smiles

Paula  🙂 🙂

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