School Holiday Fun – Top 25

This is my last week of work and then my daughter has one more week of kindy before she is on holiday. We are going on a big family cruise next year so need to save a few dollars. It got me thinking about how to keep my kidlets occupied. Our son does go to Day Care a couple of days a week which will allow our Gabbylocks and myself to have some girl time. I decided some planning was in order, so I made a list of all the things we could do. I thought I would share some of those ideas with you as well as some others you might be interested in. These activities will cost nothing or very little to save the dollars.

  1. A letter to Santa
  2. Library christmas activities – check out your local library
  3. Sandcastle building at the beach, perhaps with an ice cream thrown in
  4. Fancy high tea – for the girls – Have your friends bring a plate. The kids can play and the ladies can chat.
  5. Visit the local shopping centre and see what free activities they offer
  6. A picnic and then feed the ducks
  7. Home crafts – perhaps you could do some christmas ones
  8. Go through the toys that are no longer played with and take them, with the kids, to a donation drop off
  9. Water play outside – you can even get them to paint the fence, with water
  10. Have a movie afternoon with special movie snacks
  11. Have a play date – at your house, and then heirs
  12. Spend the morning at the local pool – remember to pack your own snacks to save the dollars
  13. Make different bubble blowers with wire coat hangers and have some fun
  14. Have your own photo booth – have a fun day with dress ups and funny poses
  15. Create a Treasure hunt in the backyard write out a list of things to find, and let them start hunting
  16. Have a lazy day where everyone gets to stay in their PJ’s and relax – even mum
  17. Create your own Day Spa at home – pedicures, manicures and fancy hair dos
  18. Roll out some butchers paper and let the kids go crazy with paint to create their own mural
  19. Play hide and seek
  20. Put the music on grab the kids and dance around the lounge room
  21. Play some board games
  22. Write an adventure story together – include pictures
  23. Ice and decorate some biscuits
  24. Make an obstacle course inside or outside
  25. Check your local council for activities on offer

These are just a few. Would love it if you had some ideas of your own.

Have a safe and happy holiday.

Lots of smiles

Paula 🙂 🙂

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