Today’s Task

I am taking this idea from The Organised Housewife. Kat you are awesome. I love her Daily Task posts as it keeps me on my toes. We seemed to have been so busy over the last few months that many things have crept up on us. Regular tidying and cleaning is fine, even though I have to give myself a motivational talk every time that has to be done. For the day to day and week to week tasks, I have a routine that I follow. Doing all these jobs in one day is just not an option in our home.

Then there are those other tasks that we tend to neglect. The small jobs we do when things really get desparate. I felt it was about time I started doing 1 task álmost’every day to get us back on track and being organised. Why don’t you try and keep up with me.


Put the baby books and old cot sets online to sell

Keep smiling

Paula 🙂 🙂


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