(Christmas) Begin the Advent Journey

As the Christmas season creaps up on us, I thought I would repost this from last year. It is a post about an Advent Calendar that you can make with your kidlets. I will be reusing this calendar but perhaps tweaking some of the activities.
Today is the 22nd of November (in case you didn't know) and almost the first day to open your advent calendar.
REPOST: My kids are very excited but I said that they have to wait until after dinner as I know the firts treat are a couple of choclate gold coins. I have carefully chosen treat days and activities to coincide with our bust schedule – kindy and day care days, kindy wind up, day care christmas party, holiday activities and the very long preparation for Gabbylocks's dance concert.

In order to be this organised I had our calendar open and had to first put the dates and day on the Advent Calendar template. This took me sooo much longer than I wantd but in the end it is organised.

As I am a christian and I still want our children to know the true meaning of christmas, we wil be following the christmas story and Jesse Tree throughout Advent. While browsing for Advent ideas I came across another blogger who I have added to my list: www.beafunmum.com has some awesome ides and I expecially loved her Christmas story activities. Open the following link http://beafunmum.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/Advent-calendar.pdf to see her ready to go activities. As  a busy mum, I do not see the point of reinventing the wheel unless you really want to. I could have gone with a ready to go Advent Calendar but the time spent with Gabbylocks, while darling hubby coaxed Rogey Bear through dinner, was worth it.

I have attached some photos of our special time.

Lots of smiles

Paula 🙂 🙂




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