Meal Planning

heart For a long time I was organised with what meals we would be having during the week. I found it so much easier to plan the weeks dinners and do one shop for them. There is always the mini shop during the week for fruit and vegies, if needed. Towards the end of last year, we got so busy that meal planning went out the window. There was so much going on that we found it difficult to plan, strange I know.

One of my goals for 2012 is to get back into this routine. I find it helpful to have your calendar near by to check who will be home, what time some will be home and what activities are planned for the kids and adults during the week. Rogey Bear is very fussy with dinner so the meals have to be thought out to cater for that. No second meals in this house.

This week’s meals are:

MONDAY – Pork sausages, sweet mash potato and peas

TUESDAY – Chicken Pizzaiola (Thermomix recipe)

WEDNESDAY – Fish fillets and salad (we try to have some sort of fish every 3 days or so)

THURSDAY – Meatloaf with mushroom sauce and mixed vegies (Thermomix recipe)

FRIDAY – Left overs or freezer finger food (my night off cooking)

SATURDAY – Tuna patty burgers and salad

SUNDAY – Chicken drumsticks and fried rice

Happy cooking




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