Meal Planning

heart  I am really trying to get back into the swing of meal planning. I thrive on lists and organisation and seem to fall in a heap when we have so much to do and I can't see where we are heading. My mum is staying with us for a couple of weeks so she has been a great help with the kids while I try to get a little organised. I will be doing the same planning with Gabbylocks's lunch when she starts prep next week. I do the same for Rogay Bear's Day Care lunches. Luckily they supply morning and afternoon tea. 

We are trying to get back to healthy eating in our house so cutting back on the carbs is proving to be interesting when meal planning. Homemade treats are always on the list so we know what our kids are eating.



Chocolate chip and nut biscuits – stored

Fruit mini muffins – to freeze  


MondayChicken Kebabs and salad (vegies for the kids)

                  Yoghurt for dessert (kidlets)


TuesdayMeatloaf with mushroom sauce and vegies


Wednesday – Tuna patties and salad / vegies

                       – Rogey Bear's Lunch – Vegemite sandwich (1 1/2), yoghurt, banana and homemade biscuit


Thursday BBQ chicken salad

                  – Rogey Bear's Lunch – Baked Beans, some buttered bread, yoghurt, sultanas with banana chips and a treat


Friday – Fish and calamari at the river

             – Rogey Bear's lunch – Cheese and lettuce sandwich, yoghurt, grapes and homemade treat


Saturday – Out for Chinese Dinner or Take Away (Early celebration for Chinese New Year)


Sunday – Roast Beef, vegetables and gravy



Happy planning









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