Organised Chaos


Well I have not been able to get to my blog properly for a little while as there seems to be so much to do and not enought time. Yes, Yes, you have heard that all before. Between, working part time, being a stay at home mum some of the time, running the kidlets to school and Day Care, attending all activities and trying to get on top of things at home, I have fast become the juggling queen. However, I can slowwly see things slipping away from me or is it hiding under all the ironing I have.


I am sure I say that every night before bed, and yet here I am, with so much to do and not quite sure where to start. One small step at a time. I have been spending far to much time at work, way above the hours I am paid for but I have to be there at the moment. Time to put a stop to the insanity. Besides, I need a little manicure and a pedicure. I would like, I need, no I want my hands and feet to feel as pretty as those below.

This week I had a small mole shaved off my head under local anaesthetic and it is a sight for sore eyes. all is good though and I am looking forward to the idea of not feeling that this spot is so visable. Onwards and upwards. Have I given myself enough pumping up?

Have a great week




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