Yummy Mummy March (Freebie)



 Let’s make March all about you. I declare March to be Yummy Mummy Month. March is all about mum’s having fun. I have attached a list of 31 things to do. Some are for yourself, some are with your kids. They are in no particular order. Just choose one a day to do. Go on I dare you!!!! I am hoping to do all of them, write about some and photograph others. I would love it if you would download this freebie and join in the fun. Sometimes we have to say enough is enough. There will always be housework to do. There will always be running around to do. There will never be another March 2012, when you will be whereyou are and your kidlets will never be that age again.

Seize the moment!


Seize the Day!!!!

Who is in???????

31 Days of Fun

I Can’t wait to hear how everyone goes.

Have Fun!!!!



2 thoughts on “Yummy Mummy March (Freebie)

  1. Love it Paula! Already do some of those but will make an effort to do the others. Not sure about the no screaming one though…

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