Vegerama Bolognaise (Recipe)


"I don't like this" says Rogey Bear

"You haven't tried it," replies Mummy Bear

"It's vegetables," says Rogey Bear

"I love it," adds in Gabbylocks.  Thank goodness for Gabbylocks. It always makes cooking dinner worthwhile. When you have 2 or more children, they can be very different – like chalk and cheese. Well my two are like that when it comes to food.

One like vegemite, one doesn't. One loves baked beans, the other one almost gags at the thought of them. One has an extremely sweet tooth, the other one can only have a small amount. Needless to say, getting vegetables down Rogey Bear is a battle all the time. We have just been on a cruise and resorted to having room service one night so we could keep the vegie tantrums contained. I do have a couple of secret weapon recipes that have heaps of vegetables that are hidden. I hear some of you saying – BIG MISTAKE – he will never learn to eat vegetables. I was one of those protesters. I was never going to hide the vegetables and Rogey Bear was going to ea what he was given. I still stick to the latter. If it is on the plate that is it. However, after soo many stressful nights I now stick to the following routine, as best as I can.

2 nights of my ingenuious vegetable caper – hiding the vegies as best as possible so Rogey Bear gets a big hit without knowing it

2 – 3 nights of visible vegies – small amounts at the moment

1 freezer food, non cook night (usually Friday after a busy week)

1 night of no vegies


There are so many great recipes out there that have the green, orange, yellow…….. objects in them, unseen of course. Below is one of our family favourites. I use my favourite gadget – the Thermomix – to make it but the good old fashioned way could do the same thing. The Thermomix  works well as it chops, no crushes, well almost purees the raw vegetables in 5 seconds. I do not have set quantities so you might have to see what works best for your family. You can also use whatever vegetables you like. I have included my favourites below, seen as I do the cooking. This is also a good way to use up all the vegetables that might need throwing out in a day or two.


1. Very finely chop: Use a copping device that will get the pieces soooooo small that they will be unrecognisable

a red onion



red capsicum                                                                           



2. Add to the frying pan and saute with some olive oil. I just add the oil to the Thermo and this sautes it for me. Love my Thermo.


3. Add mince and cook until browned. Half way through throw in some red wine. The Thermo does this all as well. Just saying….

4. Throw in a can of unsalted tomoato puree.

5. Combine everything and simmer for about 15 minutes.




Use as a bolognaise or as a base for Shepherd's Pie, with sweet potato mash. Rogey Bear woofs this down and Gabbylocks just winks at me. You could also add a heap more vegies, for thickness,and moit the meat.


This is just one of my options. I would love to hear how other get vegies down their little fussy eaters.


Happy Cooking




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