Cooking With Kids (Free printable)


While making grilled cheese and ham toasties for Gabbylocks today, she began asking me heaps of questions about why I was doing what I was doing? Even though she does help out from time to time, she was very intrigued by the grill and how it was melting the cheese. Gabbylocks has also suddenly become very interested in Masterchef and asks so many questions while we watch catch up on the weekends. I thought that I would put all this interest to work and reall start making cooking together, a regular occasion. Sunday mornings has become a regular pancake morning and Gabbylocks always rolls up her sleeves, until her share is cooked then I am left standing there to finish off. Rogay Bear tried to help the other week but flipped the pancake onto his arm. Not a good start for him. Not matter what happens, cooking with your kids is an exciting and special time.

All this leads to a new section in my blog: Cooking with Kids


I thought I would begin by giving you our favourite base recipe for pancakes.



1 cup of self raising flour (I use wholemeal)

1 cup of milk

1 egg

Briefly whisk all these together and cook. I have begun to throw in some cinnamon sugar and sliced banana.

Lemon juice and cinnamon sugar are our favourite toppings.




While searching for some ideas and words of wisdom I came across this gorgeous little poem from which I am going to print out and laminate for the kidlets. Feel free to download and save it for your little cherubs.


The Cooking Poem

The Cooking Poem

I am very excited about this new addition to Mum on the Run.

Happy Cooking

Paula  heart

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