Tip of the Day



Over the last week or so our little man has become very accident prone, especially when it comes to spilling his drinks over the breakfast bar. The idea of placing his cup above his plate was not sinking in. Instead of constantly getting frustrated with him we came up with a simple solution, that has proven to be a winner. We put him back to a sippy cup first, which is not the solution I am talking about. I jokingly said to my husband. "We should put a cross with masking tape in the spot where his cup should be." At the time I was only kidding but out came my husband with the masking tape. Gabbylocks decided she needed one too and it has proven to be a genuis idea. Rgey Bear is very diligent in placing his cup right on the cross and so far no accidents.





Anything that works.

Feel free to share any simple tips you have that save your sanity, and cost next to nothing.


Paula       heart

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