A healthier, Happier You.

heart  Last year I got motivated and lost about 10kgs. This year I have had so much going on that my motivation has been lacking and a couple of kgs have crept back on. Recently I feel I dodged a bullet, healthwise, and have been trying hard to get back on track. We are trying to eat more natural foods with heaps of vegetables and fruit. A friend from work put me onto Cyndi O'Meara who helps others 'change their habits' and become healthier and happier. She has written many things but the e-book I have been following, is a 21 day schedule that gets you on the right track.

The first thing I have most mornings is a lemon drink – hot or cold. It is a good way to start the day and helps flush the kidneys. Cyndi suggests you drink another cup of water after this. It truly works. For the first week or so I found I was going to the ' ladies room' a lot and this is quite normal. I actually look forward to this lemon drink. Give it a go for at least a week. If lemon is too bitter, Cyndi suggests grapefruit or lime.                                                                                                                                                                     

















Join the ride to health central.


Paula  heart


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