Family Planner (Freebie)



As we are a busy family of 4, I feel the time has come to have a Family Planner. There is so much going on over the next few weeks that I am getting dates confused. I have my own organiser but I a the type of person who has to see it in front of me. I am in the process of organising an area where everything will be. Unfortunately, we are renovating so this will be a slow process as the area I want will not be free for a few weeks. My first step, however, is to organise a family planner. I have put a copy of July's below for you to download. It is for a family of 4 so it might just be useful as an idea. Download it, print it out and copy it to A3. Have a go and see if it helps you feel more organised. Place family names at the top and then fill in any extra activities or outings. This is also a good start for meal planning.



Happy planning


Paula heart


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