Don't Throw Away Those Crusts!


My kidlets are not very fond of the crust on bread and it is a battle I refuse to have. I know they will eventually eat them. Gabbylocks is already eating some crusts that I leave on. Whenever I cut the crust off though, I get a shiver looking at what is being wasted. I read this cute little dea somewhere and it has been the best food saver idea I have read in a long time. I just cannot remember where I read it. This is also an easy cooking activity to do with your kidlets.



Cut the crusts off the bread before making the sandwich.                                          


Place them in a zip lock bag and put this in the freezer.                                          



Use these frozen crusts to make eggy fingers

Eggy fingers are a smaller, simpler form of french toast. A yummy breakfast alternative on Sunday mornings.

In a round bowl, place 2 eggs and a little milk and whisk.






Place slightly defrosted crusts into the egg mixture and soak for a minute.

Heat up a frying pan and melt a little butter.

Place the egg soaked crusts into the frying pan and lightly fry, turned a couple of times so all sides are browned.

Serve Eggy Fingers with cinnamon sugar or golden syrup and fresh fruit. 




My kids love it.


Happy Cooking


Paula   heart


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