Mushroom Sauce (recipe)


I am an experimental cook sometimes so the recipe is never exactly the same. Therefore, I will put some recipes up that don't have exact weights and amounts. It will be easy to adapt them to your taste.



(Great on steak and chicken)


Beef stock

Garlic granules / powder                                   

Red wine





1. Slice up some mushrooms and lightly pan fry – set aside.

2. Pour some water into a small frying pan – about 1 cm.

3. Add beef stock powder, amount depending on the water and stir.

4. Sprinkle in some garlic granules / powder and pour in some red wine to taste.

5. Simmer at a medium heat until reduced by half.

6. Add the mushrooms and reduce further.

7. Stir in some cream and simmer for a minute or two.                                          


Add some chopped parsley, if needed.


Yum Yum heart

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