Story Time With a Difference


As regular readers would know, I have 2 kidlets. A gorgeous 5 1/2  (almost 6) year old daughter, Gabbylocks, and a 3 year old little man, Rogey Bear. We have always made a point of reading to them from a very young age. It has always been a priority adnd Rogey Bear, particularly is book mad.


When Gabbylocks was about 2 1/2 we started telling stories without books. We would do the normal reading and then when lights went out we would lie next to her and share a creative story. We decided to tell stories about Shabby Gabby. When I think back, I really do not remr why they were about a little girl called Shabby Gabby but they started and we still tell them today. As Gabbylocks got older she would choose the theme of the story and also help tell it. They only go for a couple of minutes but it is such a great sharing time together.


Last night I told Rogey Bear his first one about Rascal Rogan. He giggled quietly in the dark and lay very still as he listened. Even Shabby Gabby made an appearance. As I went past Gabbylocks's room I heard Papa Bear telling a Shabby Gabby. I love that it is a little family tradition and is still going strong. I always wished I had written or recorded some of the stories. So tonight I quickly jotted down what I told Rogey Bear and am hoping to do so in the future. I have always wanted to write a children's book. Perhaps this is a start. Click on Freddie Fish below to read our first Rascal Rogan story.


Happy story telling


Paula  heart


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