Party Planning 101


I love planning events. It is one of my favourite things to do. I have always said that when the kids are older and if I ever wanted to give up teaching, my next job would be PR work in a hotel or event planning. So this time every year I get very enthusiastic as I begin planning a party for Gabbylocks. Even though I love planning these, this year I have decided that the kidlets can take turns having the 'bigger planned' parties. We were on our cruise when Rogey Bear had his. I thought having every waiter in the restaurant sing to him was a great celebration. So Gabbylocks gets the bigger party this year. By bigger, I mean more friends and lot of organisation. Rogey Bear will have that next year and Gabbylocks can go to movies with 2 or 3 friends.


As I start the planning phase I thought it might be a good idea to fill you in step by step through my process. I have lots of friends who plan great parties and they all do it differently. You do what works for you. This is my journey. Along the way i will share all the sites I visit, that inspire me or supply me with the goodies I need.



When the kidlets were younger, I picked a theme that I thought sat well with them. When Rogey Bear turned 2 he was Thomas mad so I had a very small gathering for him and we did a train theme. Gabbylocks had much say in this year's party theme. I think this is a good idea as they can get involved and be much happier about their choice. We have bounced back and forth on a couple. Hello Kitty was a choice for a little while. However I managed to discuss this with her and helped her change her mind a little. This year we are going with Alice In Wonderlands Mad Hatter Tea Party. Gabbylocks is very excited and at the moment wants to go dressed as the Cheshire Cat. A dress up is still to be decided. There are not many options for dress up shops here so the idea of everyone wearing a mad hat seems to be popular too.


The next decision Gabbylocks made was the colours. I gave her two choice: Bright bold colours or vintage tea party colours. I was very excited when she chose the vintage colour theme.



Once the theme was decided I began getting some ideas for an Alice in Wonderland party theme. Thank goodeness for computers and search engines. As I am a pinterest addict this was my first port of call. Check out my board at the link below, as well as some of th other fabulous sites I have come across.

Tea party theme for girls


Martha Stewart Vintage Girl Tissue Paper Flowers—all-of-lifes-celebrations-party-themes-alice-in-wonderland-party



Stay tuned for the next steps in the process.



Paula heart



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