Story Time With a Difference 2


Another story from our creative story time. This one is about Shabby Gabby and Rascal Rogan. We turned the lights out and I used the light from my phone to make shadow puppets to show the ducks and kangaroos.



Once upon a time there was a little girl called Shabby Gabby. She had a baby brother called Rascal Rogan and they loved to quack with the ducks.

"Quack Quack," they said as they fed the ducks some bread. Quack. (shadow quacking with hand)

While they were feeding the ducks some bread, along came a kangaroo. Hop Hop Hop (shadow hopping)

"Ttttt Ttttttt," said the kangaroo. " Ï am hungry too. I want some bread please. "

 "Oh sure Mr Kangaroo."

Munch munch went the kangaroo and then off he went. (shadow hopping)

After they had finished feeding the ducks, Shabby Gabby and Rascal Rogan went and had a play on the playground.

They went down the slide. They went on the see – saw and they went on the roundabout. Then they went and had some lunch. It was delicious. Their daddy had gone and got them a cheese pizza fom dominoes. They also had some fruit and water. It was the best day at the park they had ever had.

"Quack Quack," said the ducks.

"Good-bye," said Shabby Gabby and Rascal Rogan

"Come again," said the ducks.

"We will," they replied.




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