What Sugar Should You Use?


Kids will be kids and they always seem to like the food that is not the best for them. Perhaps you are lucky enough to have a kidlet who says they will have carrots over a muesli bar. That is certainly not mine. So while they are young we still have the opportunity to give them the best form of healthy food, even if it is in forms they cannot see.

I have had a Thermomix for over a year now and I love it. We do a lot of back to basics cooking. I have also not bought white sugar in the last 8 months. I only ever use Raw Sugar and Rapadura. Luckily the Thermomix converts raw sugar into castor sugar and icing sugar in a matter of seconds, so I also do not buy castor sugar. Raw Sugar is a better form of sugar to use. Below is a quote from Quirky Cooking about Raw Sugar.


'Raw' sugar is not really raw – it has been cooked, and a lot of the minerals and vitamins are gone. Still, it's better than refined sugar because it has a little of the molasses still clinging to it. Some sugar is sold as 'organic' raw sugar, and people think this means it's unrefined – all it really means is that it's grown with organic agricultural methods, then refined as usual… the juice (molasses) has been mostly removed, and there's not really much goodness in it.



Better still is more natural fom of sugar called Rapadura. I am getting used to using it in different ways and always feel better knowing I am doing something right by my kidlets. Again, I have included a quote from Quirky Cooking about Rapadura.


Rapadura is the pure juice extracted from the sugar cane (using a press), which is then evaporated over low heats, whilst being stirred with paddles, then seive ground to produce a grainy sugar. It has not been cooked at high heats, and spun to change it into crystals, and the molasses has not been separated from the sugar.  It is produced organically, and does not contain chemicals or anti-caking agents.





Have a go making this little change to your diet and the whole family.


Paula heart



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