Clear the Wardrobe Quest! (Challenge)



I am a list person. On every list I write, I include cleaning out the wardrobe and organising it. Right!!!!. I never seem to get to that. The other day I bought a plain grey t-shirt because I needed one. After that I found 1 in the ironing pile and 1 in the cupbaord at the back. Time to get organised. Join me in the quest to CLEAR AND SORT THE WARDROBE! You never know, you might find a magical room in the back, called Space. I am doing this over a week as I cannot commit to one whole day or two – interruptions from kidlets, and I work. Join me day by day or wait to see the plan and do it in a day yourself.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned I was colour coded. This is another reason why I am getting organised.

The most important point when trying to get your wardrobe organised, is to make sure, when you are done, that you can see everything and access it easily.


This saves you buying more than one of the same thing because you forget you have it already. (I have done that quite often)

I will be doing this in sections, starting with my hanging space.

Just to prove I am serious I have decided to show you where I start and then where I end up. Below is a picture of my current hanging space, including the top and bottom.


Mmmm. Well that was embarressing!!  

Let's get started.

Step 1.

Sort through all the clothes hanging up. Clear the wardrobe or go through each piece one at a time.


You will need to divide them into 5 piles:

1. Discard – If it is damaged and you cannot donate it, discard it

2. Donate – If you don't like it anymore, don't feel comfortable in it, it is too small or too big, donate it. Be careful of the phrase, "When I lose weight, it will fit me". Often, when you lose a lot of weight, your body changes. Besides, you might want to update your collection to go with your new body. If it is only a kg or two think carefully.

3. Keep – If you say yes without thinking, you feel great in it and always get complimented in it, it is a stayer. Try to keep all the wardrobe essentials that make up you basic collection. More on this later.

4. Mend or Dryclean – If you love it but don't wear it because it needs to be repaired or drycleaned, place it in this pile.

5. Storing – I usually store all my warmer clothing as we don't have much of a winter. Make sure they are clean. Fold and place in a container with some anti mould pellets. It might be the other way round for you.


Be ruthless. You must say yes straight away or it is not a keeper.


Once all piles, from your hanging wardrobe,  are sorted, you will need to do something with them.


Discard – Place in a garbage bag and throw straight into the bin. No looking back.

Donate – Place in a large garbage bag and place by the front door. Do not open it again, until you put more things in. If you cannot fit another thing in, place it in your car and drop it off on your next trip past adonation bin.

Keep – Briefly hang these back in the cupboard. we are not finished with them.

Mend or Dryclean – If you are mending it, put it in the mending basket or drop it to the shop doing it for you. Visit the drycleaners.

Storing – As above. Place the storage box to the side, to add to.


You are well on your way to being organised. Feel free to follow us on Facebook and add some photos to the album entitled Before and After Wardrobes.


Happy sorting

Paula heart


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