Sort the Wardrobe (Challenge)

This is the next phase of the Clear the Wardrobe Challenge.


Step 2

Sort and hang all the keepers


Once you have decided which items of clothing you will be keeping, they need to be returned to the wardrobe. There are two parts to this. Read everything first so you do not double up.

Part 1 – Sort all your clothes into categories: t-shirts, shirts, pants, skirts and dresses (short and then long).

Then colour code each pile. It is a good idea to keep everything sorted by colour so you have a clear vision of what is in your wardrobe and what to colour match when you are dressing. (Another topic)

You are ready to hang your clothes. Hang in the same order mentioned above, if that suits you.


Part 2 – Hang them with all the coat hangers going backwards. The reason for this is too see what you are actually wearing and what is still taking up space in your cupboard. Every time you wear something and it has been washed, hang it the right way round. Do this for 3 months. Reassess the clothes still hanging backwards after this time. Have you not worn it because it is a special item for going out etc, or is is an item you think you love but never think about wearing. If it is the latter, give yourself another month to wear it and then donate it to someone who will wear it. As i am back working part time, I find this difficult as I don't get to wear my every day clothes as often. I seem to end up wearing them with something else to dress it up for work. Below is my finished product. I still have more to fill it with and lucky there is room. Now I just have to get motivated to do the ironing.

Something I am working on, and working on, and working on.

Since getting my seasonal colours confirmed, I am on a mission to sort out all my clothes and revamp my style. Any mummy (or daddy) can do this. Another post for another time.

Step 3 will be sorting out the shoes at the bottom of the wardrobe. I can hear my husband's excitement. Little does he know I might need to update a few pairs. Happy Wife, Happy Life. Just saying!!!!




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