Sorting the Shoes (Challenge)

The clothes are hung but the bottom of the wardrobe needs some TLC.

Step 3

Sort and organise the shoes at the bottom of the wardrobe.

 My shoes needed some sorting and serious decluttering (to make room for some new ones). I bought some plastic shoe boxes to store the heels that don't get worn so often these days.



I then purchased a 3 tier shoe rack. It was from Sam's Warehouse and cost $7.99. I bought 2 but surprised myself by only needing one (for now).

Once I had finished, I threw out the shoes that were falling apart and put the donation ones straight into the bag, ready for the donation bin. I feel so organised now. It was so easy this morning, getting dressed in a rush. Everything was on hand and hung in such a manner that I could find things.

Step 4 will be to sort, declutter and tidy the clothes on your wardrobe shelves.


Happy shopping – I mean sorting of your shoes.


Paula heart




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