Party Planning 102 – The Invites


Things are moving quite fast now as Gabbylock's birthday is coming up so quickly. After much thought I decided to go the cheats way with the invitations and some of the decor. I am so busy with work at the moment that making my own was just too hard. I spent a while on Photoshop but couldn't get it together.


I searched around or a few downloadable, printable options and there were so many. I am a firm believer of not reinventing the wheel. I also love doing things myself, from scratch, but being a Mum on the Run is not easy so if someone else has what you are looking for, why not support them. Below are 3 of my favourite sites. There were so many. Some have free downloads, while others charge a small (or larger) fee to personalise it for you. Click on the pictures and they will take you to the websites.


Kids Spot






Smile Box


I finally went with a gorgeous website. It wasn't as cheap as I was hoping it would be, but it was so worth it. I got an invite personalised and am able to print out as many as I need. I went with a JPEG format as this is how I like to do invites. I also paid for a set of printables to match. As we are doing a Mad Hatter's Tea Party I got labels like Drink Me and Take Me. I samples of the pictures below and they are all from the website, which is now in my favourites.


So invites are out, to most. We are not having a big party. 8 friends and a couple of their siblings. It is so exciting. My next step in the planning process is to make my list of all decor still needed and the food. I wasn't going to do a cake, just cake pops but have seen a gorgeous one so I might change my mind still.


Happy   planning

Paula heart




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