The Party is Finally Here

HAPPY BIRTHDAY gorgeous Gabby. The birthday party has come and gone. It was awesome but I am shattered. Every year I say I am going to prepare early and I start well but always seem to be running around at the last minute. This time I was still dipping the cake pops in chocolate an hour before the guests were due to arrive. No-one knew that (until now) so all is good and good is all. Gabbylocks had a beautiful day and this was confirmed when she told me it was the best party ever.

We went with the Mad Hatter's Tea Party theme. The original plan was to have the kidlets sit and eat, like a proper tea party, but plans were changed at the last minute. We don't have a lot of space so we work with what we have. My husband bought a tressle table home from work and we set it up on the front porch. We went with vintage style tea party decor and I was very happy with the final product.



I even attempted a pom pom but ran out of time to make more so this one went up on a window, instead of hanging.



When the kidlets began to arrive they all went and had a play until everyone was there. They all had a drink in the cute little milk bottles that I labelled with "Drink Me". Then it was time for the photo parade of the gorgeous hats they had made. Gabbylocks had decided to go with the Queen of Hearts and I made a mini top hat. It was very cute and she looked gorgeous.


The first game we played was musical chairs. This was linked to the idea of all the different chairs the Mad Hatter had at his tea party. The kids were exhausted so it was time for them to play again while the food was put out.


I went with mini meringues, marshmallows, home – made petit fours, biscuits, chips, sandwiches and sausage rolls. I made sure there was some special cheese and biscuits for the mums, to go with their glass of wine.



We then played Quoits, which was fun. Finally Musical Bops was on the cards and we had a tie. The activities were finished off with cupcake decorating. Messy but fun. The kidlets continued to eat and play until present opening time. I love the idea of everyone sitting around and seeing what Gabby was given. It gives her another chance to say thank you. This year I made sure to remind her not to say that she already had something. Then it was cake time.




I decided to go with Cake Pops. It took me 3 goes but I was happy with them. I would of liked to have done more with the presentation but that will come. Gabby was happy and that is all that counts. Now it is time to organise Christmas!!!! Noooooooo.


Paula heart

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