Put the Magic Back

Last week I shared a post about our visit from the Tooth Fairy. Now that all our special visits and birthday excitement is over, we are moving on to Christmas. Yes I said the word we are all trying to avoid, even the the shops are already displaying some goodies.



82 Days to Go


Just saying!!!!!

I thought I would let you in on a little magic idea I came across when dealing with the Tooth Fairy. This little bit of magic is available for Christmas as well. If you click on the link in the top of my right sidebar it will take you to a site I know you will love. Capture the Magic allows you to upload some photos and choose a Santa you love to appear in them. It is a small fee but well worth the looks on the kids faces, in Christmas morning, when you tell them you caught Santa in the house. As I mentioned in a previous post, I did this for the Tooth Fairy and Gabbylocks was sooooo excited. I cannot wait to do it for Christmas. The annual fee is a better deal than the once off fee, if you have more than one kidlet, as you can use it for Easter as well. Here is a look again at what I captured previously.

Paula heart

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