Sorting the Kidlet's Art Work (Sharing is Caring)

I always have big plans to sort out the kidlets' art work but I just keep gathering it in one place. Where to start? While reading on of my favourite blogs, Living on a Latte, I came across a great little idea to get me started. Besides loving the title and wishing I had thought about it, Kaz is one of the bloggers who keep me inspired. However, I need more than 2 lattes a day.

Part of my blog philosophy is that Sharing is Caring. If I come across great ideas I love to share them. There is no point re-inventing the wheel. So many people are creative and inspiring and I love to promote this.

Kaz has made some cute littles signs to help with the sorting and they are free to download. Pop along to and check out her post on October 4th. Below is a snapshot of these signs. To download, visit Kaz's blog.


Thank you to all the inspiring blogs out there. I am sorting the art work into 2 piles this weekend, alongwith all the other jobs I have listed.


Have a great weekend. We will be busy getting ready to go back to school and work.

Paula heart

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