Meal Plans

I have been a little slack over the last couple of months, with meal planning. I have noticed how different and overwhelming it can be not to be organised. So I have decided to get back to it. Our weeks are about to become hectic again with school and me being back at work and I need to fix the stress a little. I have created yet another Meal Plan template that should work for us. I am in the process of completing a number of different ones for you to download for free. They should be up and running this week.

This week I planned from Saturday as it fitted in with when I could do the shop. Here it is.



Chicken kebabs and fried rice (simple quick recipe to follow)

Chocolate Self Saucing pudding with cream


Roast beef, pumpkin, potatoes and beans

Ice cream with mixed fruit

MONDAY (I will be home late from a staff PD)

Fish and salad (pasta added for the kidlets)

Yoghurt and fruit if still hungry


Chicken casserole with sweet potato mash (Thermomix recipe) and pea mix

Rice pudding (Thermomix recipe)

Today I will cook tomorrow night's dinner.

WEDNESDAY (Home at 5.30pmish, after tennis lessons)

Shepherd's pie (Thermomix mince recipe) with sweet potato mash on top (made a double batch last night)

Yoghurt and fruit


Tuna pasta bake

Fruity Dream dessert (Thermomix recipe)


Finger Food Friday for kids

Chicken salad for us


Anzac biscuits (Thermomix recipe)

Savoury Muffins

Snickerdoodles (Thermomix recipe)


Have a great week.

Paula heart


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