Quick Fried Rice

I love to cook anything that is quick and easy, especially with littlies around. On the weekend  I made this very easy and yummy fried rice. As with most of my own recipes there is not a specific amount. I never measure with some of these. I just do what is easy. The measurements below are estimates and for a family of 4. I served this with chicken kebabs.



1.5 cups of brown rice

3/4 cup of mixed frozen vegetables

2 eggs

2 – 3 tbls Tamari or salt reduced Soy Sauce



1. Cook the rice according to the packet instructions.

2. Defrost and briefly cook the frozen vegetables.

3. Place both the ingredients into a frying pan and toss together.

4. When warm, add the Soy Sauce and toss for a minute or so.

5. Add the eggs and combine until they are cooked.

6. Serve. You may need to add more Soy Sauce, depending on your taste.

Yum Yum

Happy cooking.

Paula heart

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