Top Tips

Here are a few Top Tips to get you through the day, the week, month or other special times throughout the year.



Buy a cheap laminator and use it for a number of keepsake ideas. The first one is to laminate A4 sizes of children's art and use it as placemats on the dinner table.


If possible, create a space near the front door for all items needed every day. Place a nice strong hook on the wall for each bag and a rack for shoes.


When making soups or sauces, make a double batch so you have something healthy to heat up on those unexpected late days – this avoids buying take away, which can be too easy, at times.


Take photos or scan your children's art work. This means you can keep as much as you like without needing an extra room to hold all the boxes. I do think that every 4 – 6 months you should go through the ones you have and discard any you don't think you need to keep.


Join a toy library. We always were members when the kids were younger. Sometimes thay are connected to a playgroup so you kill 2 birds with one stone. It also saves the heartache of buying toys and then letting them sit in a corner for weeks at a time.


Hopefully some of these are useful. There are a few that are oldies but still very useful.


Paula heart



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