Healthy choices

Finding healthy options for kids to eat can be a difficult task. We try our best most of the time but there are moments when not so healthy treats can be ok. I am a big fan of the 80/20 rule. Eat well 80% of the time. We don't store too many lollies etc in our house, unless there are left overs from special occasions.

Personally that can make it difficult for me as I do crave something sweet on the odd occasion. At these times I have been known to have a teaspoon of 100s and 1000s or nutella. Naughty I know, but it does the trick. The other day I was curious as to how much sugar, fat, carbs etc were in this teaspoon of nutella. I took a quick look at the right column which usually lists this per 100g. I was pleasantly surprised so I had a second teaspoon of nutella but knew deep down that perhaps this was too good to be true. I checked the column again and realised the Nutritional box has the columns the opposite way round to others. Ooops.

This then got me thinking about the nutritional labels on all products, especially the ones I feed my children. Whenever we are buying new cereal Gabbylocks asks for Coco Pops and others that I personally do not buydue to the sugar content. I am always amazed when looking at cereals because the ones I think might be ok have high sugar content.

LET THE RESEARCHING BEGIN!!!! I had heard the information before but looked up what is supposed to be the acceptable levels of sugar, fat and salt (sodium) content within foods. The short PDF below is worth a read. Just click on the Weetbix picture and it will take you to the information sheet that is free to download.

I would suggest cutting out the information section and laminate it to keep in your purse. Nutritional value in food is so important. I try to follow this as much as possible. It is quite difficult to find foods the kidlets would like and have the correct nutrtional value. Good luck with your next shopping trip. has a lot of information that is beneficial to read. I have subscribed for a little over $7 a month. If you have time, check it out. There is a lot of valuable information in a lot of areas.


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