Advent Calendars (Freebies)

Do your kidlets have advent calendars? I have not started using the bought ones that have a chocolate a day. This is obviously a personal choice. For the last few years I have used a wooden one that is reusable. It had a small ornament but a few easily got lost. Last year I made my own reusable one as Rogey Bear was old enough to get excited about opening the box everyday. I had to have something big enough to hold 2 treats.

I bought some mini brown boxes from spotlight, made up numbers to cut out and glue on. I also found some different pieces of Christmas scrapbooking paper and went to it.

Once complete I made up a list of activities or treats to go inside each box. The activities depended on what we had in store on our calendar. I made sure there was not a lolly or sugar treat in every box. I have attached a free printable of the number sheet and the activities that are going into our boxes.


Advent Numbers

Advent Calendar Activities

Advent activities 2

Once they are ready I attach them to the wall with Command strips which seem to work a treat.

2012-12-01 20.01.03 The final product looks something like this.

2012-12-01 19.58.58

The kidlets are so excited about opening the boxes. Secretly, so, am I.

Paula  ♥

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