All I Want For Christmas

Recently I asked our followers on Facebook what they would like for christmas. We have bought an amazing new fridge, which is our gift to each other. It is going to be fantastic but I still have a little wishlist of my own, which will probably remain a wishlist.


OTi Organiser 2013 – Silver

I love planners and bought one last year for all my personal organisation. I wasn’t too happy with the one I chose and wished I had given this one a go. It might appear under the tree from the kidlets.  They come in various colours.

95842298291712701_t4fjzhQ4_c95842298291712663_jLSGifok_cThe Tree of Life Pendant

I have been looking for a pendant I can wear every day that has significance and think I have found it. The one on the left is a good one for every day and I just love the one on the right.                                                                                                                                                                                                        

209135976416843564_oyh2FA83_cTiffany Smart Zip Wallet

I saw this on a while ago so I don’t even know if they are still available. I have a similar thing from Collette and love not having to carry so much around.

Sticking with the colour theme.


Anyone will do

95842298291712723_T4ACmd9L_cFossil two-tone watch

I held off buying one duty-free when we were on our family cruise at the start of the year. I should have bought it.

I know this wishlist will only be a wishlist and while I am typing up this I have been feeling a little guilty thinking of all those who will have nothing or no-one. Perhaps that should be my next post.


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