Holiday Cooking

My kids love cooking but not in the normal way you would expect.
Gabbylocks likes to make her own recipes up and of course Rogey Bear likes to copy. This morning I made mini cupcakes while they made up their own cakes and desserts. Daddy is usually the taste tester so he is in for a treat tonight. I am watching my weight. Pity about that.

I guide them with the need for dry or wet ingredients but they choose them. Gabbylocks is getting quite good at deciding when the mixture is just right. Just use whatever you have in the cupboard. Today we used some self – raising flour, raw sugar, a little melted butter, 1 egg, choc chips, cocoa, sprinkles and other bits and bops I can’t remember. We then bake it in the oven until they seem cooked.

They still want to ice them but this is the result so far.

2012-12-13 11.01.26


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