Family Job Roster

While getting organised, I thought I should do up a Family Job Roster. Both my kids have general jobs they do everyday. These jobs don’t get pocket money. The kidlets are told that these are the jobs they need to do to be part of the family. The Job Roster is one that has jobs on we share and take turns with. They are also jobs that I am introducing to the 2 of them. Eventually they will go on their individual job chart and be part of their routine. At the moment I have only included: feeding the cats and emptying their dishes out the dishwasher. The cat feeding is for the morning only as Daddy and I share night time, for now. I did include a couple of different cat pictures which are for the nights Daddy must feed the cats. As the kidlets progress I will update this with more small tasks. I believe it is part of our job as parents to teach our munchkins responsibility and the importance of working together.

Job roster


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