Still In The Right Head Space

I have made a good start to my goals for 2013.

The decluttering is going quite well. I am managing to complete all the tasks I set myself each day and get back on the cleaning wagon. (more about this in a later post) In amongst all the messiness decluttering can bring I am still being able to spend some time with the kidlets. This is another goal for 2013: To spend less time stressing about being organised and spending more quality time with the kidlets. A conflict of interest with the decluttering goal? Perhaps.

I have managed to stick to the decluttering my body part as well and have lost almost 1 kg. I am taking small steps with this as I still want to enjoy the social times with my husband, friends and kids. I go back to work on the 22nd and I have a goal weight for that which shouldn’t be too difficult, except for ths fact my parents are coming to visit for 12 days and mum and I like our coffee stops and a glass of wine or 2. I only need to loose about 1 more kg toget to the goal wieght for the 22nd. That should be easy. Right?

Today I need to finish decluttering a cupboard or 2 in the laundry, some of the office (we have relocated this and it is a mess), and take all the things for donation to the bins. Mmmmm. Long day ahead. I might try and squeeze some puzzles and word games in with the kidlets. Fun times.


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