Back To School (All about labels)


Today I was going to put together an awesome post about labeling. Yes I said awesome. You weren’t reading things. lol. As I was getting organised, I came across Kat’s post at The Organised Housewife. Kat is so organised that she always is one step of me being organised. Once again Kat, you inspire me. Everything about labeling is in her latest post so I am not going to re-invent the wheel. Click on the link below to read about the next step in organising and being ready for school.


Bright Star Kids gets a huge mention and they are great for labels. There are some other options out there and I have listed them below. My husband and I did decide that we would not use sticker labels for pencils (every pencil has to be labelled, according to our booklist). Instead we are going to go with the method we had at school. DH has said he would do it and I am giving that to him to start tonight. We are going to scrape part of the pencil away at the top and write Gabby’s name on it. I feel there will be more chance of it staying there. Once completed I will post the results.





Happy labelling


2 thoughts on “Back To School (All about labels)

    1. Pleasure lovely lady. You do so much work with your blog and organising I don’t know where you find the time. I am trying to put a plan together so I can still build this up and not neglect the kidlets. Good luck to me.

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