Decluttering Emails (Stage 1)

imagesCARX9UYLSo the decluttering, in all aspects of my life continues, one step at a time. In the past I have been really bad at deleting emails or saving them in folders once read. I have been so bad that I have pages and pages of them in my inbox. I don’t have time to sit and go through all of them so i have set myself a little task, for this week and next week. Then I will reassess it. These are my personal emails, not my work ones. They will be handled differently. If you are the same as me, join me in this quest to empty the inbox.

1. Once a day open your email inbox. (I am doing it while I have my morning coffee)

2. Navigate to the last page. (oldest emails in my inbox)

3. Press ‘Select All’.

4. Quickly skim the list and deselect the ones you want to read or save to a folder.

5. Click on ‘Delete’.

6. Read any unmarked and then delete them or move them to the required folder.

7. Now move the remaining ones to the right folders or create new folders if necessary.

8. Have a big relief sigh and continue with the next page.

I am limiting myself to 3 – 5 pages a day. Yes I have that many. Small steps.


NOW RETURN TO THE FIRST PAGE where your current emails are.

If you have any marked yesterday, repeat the process above.

Go through today’s emails as normal.

1. Open and read each one.

2. Delete some immediately.

3. Save other to their folders.

4. Unsubscribe to some if needed. I went through a stage of subscribing to so many that I was getting too many emails daily.


Leave your folders alone for now. We will tackle them later.


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