Back to School (Lunch Box Ready)


One week to go before Gabbylocks starts Year 1 and Rogey Bear starts kindy. As usual I was on top of everything 2 weeks ago but now that I am back at work as well, I seem to be stumbling. While I am getting back on track and finalising things, I am thinking about lunch box ideas. I was so excited to finally be doing this last year. Like most, I was over it by half way through term 1. The amount Gabby eats goes up and down and I can never keep up. First on my list was to buy a lunch box. There are so many options out there. Last year, due to my excitement, I got quite an expensive one on-line and we never used it properly most of the year. For Kindy, Rogan is not allowed an insulated lunch box which made my decision a little easier. Below are range of cheap and not so cheap lunch box options.

images 2

Nude Food Movers can be found at supermarkets and department chains. I used one for Gabbylocks when she was at Kindy and it was perfect.


imagesLaptop lunch boxers. We bought this one last year but it didn’t work for us in the capacity it was meant to.

Check out more about them at



Insulated lunch box with water bottle carrier attached – found at most supermarkets and department chains.


Vertical insulated lunch box – – found at most supermarkets and department chains.

untitled 2Horizontal insulated lunch box – found at most supermarkets and department chains.

mediumnudeLRFridge-to-go. I am considering giving this a go this year as it has been recommended to me. We live in a fairly hot climate and the Year 1s will not have fridges like they did in Prep. Apparently they keep food cool for up to 8 hours.

Next ……….. What to put in the lunch boxes.


One thought on “Back to School (Lunch Box Ready)

  1. Hi there, I hope you’re giving the Fridge-to-go a run at school – let us know what you think!! You need to use it yourself to see how well the bags stay cool (yep up to 8 hours). Also, note that periodically you can put this bag (less the panel) in the washing machine on a delicate cold wash cycle, then dry outside in the sun. This gets it back to fresh, especially after a nasty dairy spill!! Enjoy! Noelle – Fridge-to-go

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