Join the Fitness Train

A little while ago I wrote a post about how I was going to get back on the health train one small step at a time. We do not have family near by so I have to rely on my husband for help, which works well most of the time.

My first step was to start having warm lemon water in the morning which has many benefits. My next step was to introduce some exercise. This can be quite difficult with 2 kidlets, a busy husband, no extra support and a work schedule of my own. I had to jump in and perhaps do something I would not normally do. I am proud to say that I have begun getting up at 5.15am, one morning a week, and going to a Powerbar class which starts at 6am. I hate getting up that early and do not know why people choose to. However, I have remained strong and just completed my 3rd  week. My kidlets normally have breakfast around 7am so when I get home they are finishing off. This works well and my husband has been happy to take over breakfast once a week. Our morning routine then goes ahead as normal.

I have also just added in a cardio workout one night a week. I have gone to 2 sessions of the new fitness craze, Bokwa. Check out the link below.



Normally my excuse would be that my husband doesn’t get home until 6pm so I cannot make a 6pm class. I am a little more motivated now so I will put the kids in the car and take them with me, if needed. My husband then picks them up on the way through. So far he has got home a little earlier so I haven’t had to do this.

We are all in different situations and this is what works for us at the moment. My husband then gets his turn on a Wednesday when he goes to Cardio Tennis after work. He is burning about 1000 calories in an hour so he gets a good work out too. We are both on a roll. I hope we can get back into it though as he is away next week so exercise is on hold.

I challenge you this week to try to fit in one cardio or strength training session for the week. Then make it routine. Do whatever works for you. Morning, evening, weekends……….

I am shattered by lunch time on a Thursday but it is worth it as I have dropped almost  in 1.5 weeks and I feel great.


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