Bling on a Budget

I love shopping but once the kids came , I have had to be more creative. I am also trying to trim down a little so am avoiding buying too many clothes until I am ready. So what is a girl to do?

Buy accessories of course!!

I know that could also be an issue when it comes to money. I like to think I can find a good bargain. Just a little something to add some bling to an outfit. A bright, chunky necklace could do wonders to jeans and a t-shirt. I always buy jewellery when it is on special and I thought I would share my tips on how to buy Bling on a Budget.

K’Mart has been stocking some really cute accessories and a lot of these can be less than $10. Never underestimated what you can find in some of the more reasonably priced stores.


A lot of the ladies clothing stores stock jewellery and some can be marked down quite significantly. Look what I picked up today from Rockmans. It would have cost $66 but I scored it for $24.


I subscribe to the Colette Hayman website and they often have online sales that have accessories so marked down, it is so worth stocking up. In the past I have picked up rings for $2 and necklaces for $5. This is their current sale. It is a small one but if you subscribe to them they send you emails when they have their sales.

Finally, there are a couple of shops / websites that I love browsing through. They always have a sale on and that is when I go a little silly. You can also find their specials on their websites.



Have a browse and spend a little to add a lot. Say sorry to your husbands for me.



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