Getting Organised with Labels / Tags (Bathroom 1)

Organisation is one of my priorities this year and we are getting there slowly. In our house we only have one bathroom and toilet, which is a nightmare with 2 kidlets, who compete with everything, even who goes to the toilet first. Lol

One bathroom, means not a lot of space so we bought a tall shelving unit which stands behind the door. Over the last few months this has become very cluttered and looks messy. To fix this issue I bought some small plastic containers for each shelf. I love the basket look but in far north Queensland, humidity is a nightmare as it causes mould and in a bathroom, the baskets wouldn’t last too long.

Each person got a basket, even little Rogey Bear who only has a comb and a small tube of hair gel. To pretty it up I made some labels and laminated them. They were then tied to each basket. I wanted to make my own labels but I can be so impatient as I want to get everything done now. And, why reinvent the wheel. I found a site that had some free downloadable labels (The Creativity Exchange) and then used a free editing site (PicMonkey) to put them all together. A post on how to do it will follow this one, hopefully immediately.


media 1









I feel so great walking into the bathroom now. My organising is a very slow process. I do little jobs in between everything else. One of the best things about this, is that it was sooo cheap to do. The baskets came in sets of 4 from Woolworths and they cost $9.99. The labels were free and I already had the laminator and other items. I would love and prefer lots of storage space but this is the best we can do in a bathroom for 4. I still keep my fingers crossed for a renovation but it is not on our priority list at the moment. I am just a normal everyday mum that has limited time. Next step in the bathroom, small cabinet and 2 drawers under the sink. This might be a few weeks away though.


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