Making Labels and Tags (Free Printables)

I have just posted the steps I took organising our shelves in the bathroom. Here is how I made the tags for the baskets.

After I Googled ‘free downloadable labels’, I came across this cute website that had just the ones I was looking for.

The Creativity Exchange is a great website with lots of low budget creative ideas. Click on their name and it will take you straight to the page where I found my labels. I followed the instructions to download the pages of labels as well as each one individually. The individual ones are needed to add text.




Once you have completed this step, open up the website PicMonkey . The basic editing is free. You can upgrade for a small fee but I haven’t needed to do that yet. I am thinking about it.

Click on Edit a Photo and choose the label you want to add text to. Then simply follow the steps they give you. It is so easy and so quick.

media 1Have fun. I love making my own things but I love freebies just as much. Thank you to The Creativity Exchange and PicMonkey for making my life so much easier.



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