Morning Madness Routine

At the start of the year we put a morning routine in place and I said we would give it 6 months to see if it works. It has been a great help. We have 2 more weeks of school left for this term and then we will re-evaluate everything. There are, however, mornings when we still seem to have a little madness.

Our kidlets are up between 6.30pm and 7pm. I usually get up with them and give them breakfast at 7am. Their dad slowly risse and joins us. I make lunches (if not made the night before) and lay their clothes out on their beds. Daddy normally moves them on to toilet and teeth time. Along with all of this, they each have a Morning Routine Chart which they follow. Our eldest knows the routine and rarely checks on her chart. She does like to get distracted though so we always refer her back to the chart. Our little man, however, likes to check on his chart and move the car up as he goes. Very cute.

Every morning has it’s own level of madness but our charts  do lessen the load. I have attached them below for you to download and use. You might want to make your own to suit your mornings.

I printed them out and laminated them. I then attached some small magnets which helps keep them on our metal cupboard. Each kidlet has a character that is also laminated and magnetised. They use this to move down the chart.

Morning Routine

One thought on “Morning Madness Routine

  1. I wish that my kids would sleep in. They insist on waking up at 6 when my husband leaves for work 🙂 I love your chart, I am big on having everything organized, it makes everything run so much smoother!

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