Meal Planning (What’s in the fridge?)

The fridge and pantry have starting looking a little full. This week I decided to plan my meals around what I could find hiding in there. I still had to buy other ingredients to make the meals but I tried to make sure every meal contained some items that were in the fridge and/or pantry. Below is how I went about this little challenge:


Home made pizzas – pizza bases and toppings bought but pizza sauce and cheese already on hand

TUESDAY (Daddy out for dinner with work – Mummy tired)

Kids – Chicken schnitzel (if freezer), baked potato (in pantry) and peas (in freezer)

Mummy – Nachos (Ccs, salsa, sour cream and grated cheese – all leftovers from mum’s night)

WEDNESDAY (Sport afternoon so we get home late)

Kids – pasta, sauce and cheese (already in the house)

Us – Tuna and salad (in the house already – help yourself)


Slow cooker sausage casserole

(sauce bought, remainder in the house already)

(Potatoes bought for the mash potato)


Finger food freezer Friday

Kids – party pies and oven chips

Us – Take your pick


Satay mince – Lettuce Tacos  (Recipe to follow)  Lettuce tacos

(Bought lettuce and cabbage)

Dessert – Brown sugar bananas and cream (Recipe to follow) Brown sugared desserts


Kids – Tuna spaghetti

Us – Creamy salmon pasta (Recipe to follow)

(Bought spaghetti and cream)

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