Planning and Organising Week

Today is the first of July and it is time to get organised again. Our kidlets have 1 more week of school holidays and it is going to be as busy as the last. There is so much planning and organising to do that I need to take a step back and tackle things one step at a time.

We are renovating so there is always a room or two in a little chaos. Usually our little spare room. This has to be totally fixed and sorted as my mother-in-law arrives on Thursday for a visit and I guess she needs somewhere to sleep.

While she is here we will be heading away – kid free – for three nights and I like to plan everything so things need to get organised there.

I have my July calendar ready to plan events, activities and family to-dos. Check out my last post for a copy to download for free.

Kids chore charts need to be redone as it is about time they got another little job added to the list. I also want to revamp their afternoon and evening routines as we are so busy during school weeks that schedules need to be followed or I go a little “nutty”.

Besides the personal organising, my Blog needs a little tweaking. I have been using:
Guide to a Better Blog

I love how easy it is to follow. I have just downloaded Months 4 -6 so I can continue to improve my little personal project. If you run a blog and would like to improve it in some areas click on the link above. It will take you to the place to download this guide. It costs about $10 but is well worth it. As you can see 6 months is up so I am a little behind the 3 months. I downloaded it later and have been doing a little step each time I have a chance.

This week will be spent getting a little more organised with the blog so posts will be scarce. I will still be on the FB page.

Have a great week.

One thought on “Planning and Organising Week

  1. I am always reorganizing things on my blog, so I understand 🙂 I really need to re-do the chore chart we have. I have been letting my boys slack a little since it’s summer, but school starts in less than a month!

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