Blog Planner (Sneak Peek)

Organising is always something I strive to be better at. The Mum on the Run blog is no different. There are so many gorgeous Blog Planners out there but I thought I would design my own. Once complete it will be free to download, for a short time. I am also working on adding a shop to the blog where all free printables and new cheap ones will be available to download. Below there is a sneak peak of what the cover looks like. Stay tuned for the rest.

Planner cover

3 thoughts on “Blog Planner (Sneak Peek)

  1. Agreed! This looks great and is something that I need tremendously. I’m so new to blogging that I didn’t even realize that there were blog planners out there, I’m going to take full advantage of one now that I know! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. I love planners and have never really used one for my blog. Mine is almost ready. I hope to have it finished early next week. Hopefully it will help me stay on top of things.

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