Exhaustion and Motivation

It has been a long week or two and I am feeling soooo tired. I can’t seem to snap out of it. Perhaps an earlier bedtime is needed. It is just hard to get to bed as early as I would like. I need time to unwind before I can relax. Does anyone else feel like that? After a busy day, kids activities, homework, dinner, cleaning up after dinner and bedtime routine’s, I just need to relax. I like to watch a couple of shows on TV, check up on the blog or Facebook and chill with a cup of tea. I cannot seem to do this and be in bed before 10.30pm. When I finally get to bed and sleep, I wake up feeling tired. There is so much to do and reprioritising is essential. I am just struggling to get it done. Mum on the Run has been a little slow as well.

I have had to have quite a few scans and tests this week, due to pains that I keep getting in the area of my belly. This has exhausted me mentally and physically and I just need to get back on track. I phoned for results today and apparently the doctor wants to see me about the ultrasound but it is not urgent. What’s with that? Oh well!!!!


That is my rant for the week.

That is all.

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